This is, a unique Minecraft Skyblock Server. We offer a bunch of awesome new Stuff! The Server is Online and there are 1 Players playing!




Hey, this is, a unique Minecraft Skyblock Server.

It is our goal to offer as many unique and self-developed features as possible. Currently we offer Challanges, Stackable Spawners/Mobs, Mobheads, Custom Drops, Head Tokens, Crates, Head Boosts, Upgrades, Arenas, Bosses and a Friend System. Many more features are planned for the future, including Minions and Dungeons as the next targets. We are happy about every new player and are grateful for every bug reported and every new idea or improvement.

About Us

IslandCube is run by 3 people. Purrowler manages the server, Roduke99 maintains the players and Cub01d develops the plugins. In addition, our Discord is managed by Jordy. The server was created with the idea to offer a unique gaming experience in a rather exhausted concept. There are many SkyBlock servers, but we try to implement many new aspects that only few/none thought of before and make them available to you.